Glossary of firearms terms

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In the bore of a firearm, one of several uncut portions of the surface left after the grooves have been cut into the metal to form the rifling.

A cord attached to the butt of a pistol or revolver and used to attach the weapon to the users wrist.

1 The deflection off the line of sight between the shooter and a moving target.
2 To aim forward and on the course of a moving target.

Particles of bullet jackets adhering to the firearms bore through heat or friction.

Leaf sight see Sight

Length of stock
The distance on a shotgun from the front trigger to the centre of the butt.

Level point
Of a trajectory, point on the descending branch at the same altitude as the muzzle of the weapon firing the projectile.

Lever action see Action, lever

Life of a piece
A computation in terms of the number of rounds of ammunition a given firearm will discharge before becoming inaccurate or unserviceable.

Line of sight
A straight line joining the shooters eye with the target.

Live ammunition
Any ammunition charged with explosives.

1 A single charge of powder and a single projectile, loosely a cartridge.
2 To charge a weapon.

Loading gate
1 The hinged cover on a firearm giving access to the magazine.
2 In revolvers, a hinged portion of the standing breech, provided only on weapons with cylinders that do not swing clear of the standing breech for loading.

1 The firing mechanism on muzzle loading weapons.
2 On breech loading weapons, the firing mechanism and the mechanism designed to lock the barrel against the standing breech.

Locking lug
On a firearms bolt, one of several machined projections designed to engage in corresponding recesses in the receiver to hold the breech securely closed during the discharge of the weapon.

Lock plate
On percussion and earlier firearms, the external metal plate on which the firing mechanism is mounted.

Lock time
The interval between release of the sear notch on the cocking stud or hammer and the impact of the firing pin on the chambered rounds primer.

Long arm
A shoulder weapon, normally needing two hands to operate.

Long recoil see Action, recoil operated

A supply of ammunition either manufactured or received at the same time, possessing similar ballistic qualities.