Glossary of firearms terms

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Nail ball
A round projectile with an iron protuberance to prevent its turning in the bore of the weapon.

Nail plate see Contreplatine

Naked bullet
Any bullet not covered by a patch or jacket.

In a bottle necked case, the forward portion reduced in diameter to receive the bullet.

Needle gun
First rifle using bolt action, invented by Nicholas Dreyse and adopted by the Prussian Army in 1841. The primer, placed against the bullet beyond the powder, was detonated by a needle passing through the powder when the trigger was pulled. In theory combustion was thereby maximised.

1 In mechanics, any projection, pin or stud.
2 In percussion weapons, the cone.

Of a weapon or apparatus, systematic classification of the technical designations of its different parts.

The point of a projectile

Notch sight see Sight