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Bentley and Playfair. Birmingham, England

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Established in 1846 by Charles Playfair and Thomas Bentley at Summer Lane, Birmingham. A London office was opened circa 1893 at 60 Queen Victoria Street. Bentley and Playfair were at one time tenants of William Tranter.

Charles Playfair senior died at Aberdeen in 1876 and Charles the younger became Chairman of the Birmingham Proof House and he became a director of the Birmingham Small Arms Company which was formed in 1861, he was also an original shareholder in BSA. He died in 1898 aged 75.

While the third Charles Playfair was in charge the firm amalgamated with Isaac Hollis & Sons in 1911 and in 1914 the firm of Clabrough & Johnstone joined the group. Clabrough & Johnstone were trading in both Birmingham and America.


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