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Patent No. 2921 of 1853

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1. Firstly, a plug or stopper inserted in the frame with general features and applications to firearms as described in the specifications.

2. Secondly, the combination of lock and revolving cylinder as described in the specifications.

3. Thirdly, the several modes described of forming and constructing bullets and waddings so as to admit of grease being readily discharged therefrom on the explosion of the powder.

4. Lastly, the formation of bullets with a longtitudal perforation of varying diameter.


Adaption to breech loading firearms of a plug or stopper which held a nipple or tube inserted in the frame and operated by a spring and set screw, also a revolving chamber inserted and operated in the same manner. Both were in combination with a lock in which spring, trigger spring and tumbler act in the middle of the frame instead of on a separate plate.

Construction of various forms of bullets and/or waddings with deposits of grease that would be deposited against the inner surface of the barrel when the weapon was discharged. A separate one piece rammer and bullet mould with a spruce cutter were illustrated and described but not specifically claimed. Also claimed were bullets formed with a tapered hole through the center.

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