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Patent No. 2067 of 1862

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1. Firstly, the spring lever stop for the revolving cylinder acted upon by a projection on the tumbler or the hammer as described in the specification.

2. Secondly, the bridle or cover for the works of a revolver as described in the specification.

3. Thirdly, the mode of holding the center rod of the revolving chamber as described in the specification.

4. Fourthly, the application to ramrods of a lubricating brush or substance for the purpose described in the specification.

5. Lastly, the rifling of the barrels of firearms with grooves in the form of a hyperbolic curve in cross section


A seesaw cylinder lock which protruded into a notch or cavity on the cylinder and was operated by a stud on the tumbler or hammer breast.

A removable inspection plate in the frame giving access to the lock mechanism of a revolver or pistol without disturbing the operation of the lock.

A spring loaded arbor latch that fitted into a slot in the arbor.

A ramrod that lubricated the rifled barrel each time the weapon was loaded.

A form of rifling where the grooves were cut in the form of a hyperbolic curve in order to avoid sharp angles in the bore.

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