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Patent No. 1862 of 1863

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1. Firstly, the plunger worked by a lever as described for unloading or for forcing out empty cartridge cases.

2. Secondly, the shield with a hole in it for the purpose of affording access to each loading chamber combined with a cover working on a pivot fixed in the frame as described.

3. Thirdly, the mode described of forming butt caps, either with segmental projections or studs for the purpose of entering the wood at the end of the stocks, and thereby fastening them securely.

4. Lastly, the spring click in thr front part of the cock or hammer combined with the lever for retaining the revolving chamber as described in the specification.


A lever action cartridge extractor for breech loading revolvers, this extractor acted on the rim or mouth of the case rather than on the base as early cases often broke around the base when being removed.

A rearward swinging loading gate which was pivoted at the top.

A method of attaching butt cheeks to revolvers without recourse to the conventional cross-pin. This system was used on Number One and Number two revolvers.

A cylinder bolt stop operated by a spring click on the hammer breast and acting on a notch near the front of the cylinder.

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