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Patent No. 2113 of 1866

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1. Firstly, the adaption and application to the kind of rifle guns referred to of an extractor of the several forms presented and described.

2. Secondly, the adaption to the same kind of guns of a lever for throwing out cartridge cases, as represented and described.

3. Thirdly, the combination of an extractor and thrower acting together, as represented and described.

4. Fourthly, the adaption and application to guns and pistols of a lever for fixing the barrels, as represented and described, also a lever acting in connection with the extractor, as described.

5. Fifthly, making the striking pin for sporting arms act in a curvilinear instead of a straight line.

6. Lastly, the combination of a lifting catch, having a hook on the end, with a sear placed at the top of the slot in the body, as represented and described.


Related to an earlier specification No.1889 dated 20th July 1865 for a bolt or sliding breech block action gun, and consisted of adapting an extractor to withdraw the cartridge case and also a thrower to remove the case from the chamber.

Modifications to his break or drop action rook rifles concerning the cartridge extractor.

A revolver mechanism, the lock being virtually a restatement of the Tranter-Adams-Kerr with the hook connection between the hammer and the trigger now switched to the trigger. Tranter normally did not use a top sear, most weapons had their sears in the bottom of the frame for activation by the horn on the rear of the trigger.

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