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Patent No. 2228 of 1867

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1. Firstly, the elongated screw for closing the rear end of the plunger formed so as to be capable of acting as a safety hook or stop for the striker pin.

2. Secondly, the thrower acting in connection with the plunger, as represented and described.

3. Lastly, the combination of the elongated screw and thrower with the breech piece and plunger modified to suit the same.


Related to earlier specifications No.1889 dated 20th July 1865  and No.2113 dated 17th August 1866 for a bolt or sliding breech block action gun.The plunger closing screw is elongated and used as a safety. The gun can be carried loaded in safety and it is only necessary to turn a lug on the screw to release the safety.

The thrower was further modified to improve its performance.

The provisional specification mentioned a lever for revolvers interposed between the hammer and the cartridge base to prevent the cartridge from bulging on discharge. This lever had a projection that acted as a firing pin and was forced forward by the falling hammer. The purpose was to prevent the cartridge from being blown back against the frame and jambing the weapon.


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