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Captain Charles Green. C.S.A

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Charles Green was born on the 3rd August, 1833 at Falmouth, Virginia and he graduated from the VMI in July 1859. In the fall of 1859 he served with the Stafford Rangers at Harpers Ferry but after John Brown was hung, he resigned and went to New Orleans.

 He enlisted on the 23rd April, 1861 in Company A, Stafford County as a Captain and when the Company was reorganized on the 16th April, 1862, he was re-elected Captain on the 30th April, 1862. The 47th Virginia Infantry Regiment was organized  on the 11th June, 1861 with ten companies.

 During the campaigns he was wounded at Gaines' Mill on the 27th June, 1862 and at Chancellorsville on the 3rd May, 1863. He was struck twice at Spotsylvania on the 12th May, 1864 but was only slightly bruised. He was again wounded at Weldon Railroad on the 1st September, 1864.

 He was promoted to Major on the 19th December, 1864, resigned at Ashland on the 29th April, 1865 and became a merchant and farmer. He married Virginia Whittmore on the 21st September, 1872 and moved to Dallas, Texas in 1873. His wife died on the 20th November, 18/77 leaving one daughter, Virginia.

 Charles Green never remarried and died on the 7th September, 1909 in Dallas, he is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.

 Tranter percussion revolver No.18832T is a 54 bore fourth model, it is cased and retailed Cogswell and Harrison, London. The revolver is engraved on the barrel.  Capt. Charles Green    Co.A  47th Virginia  C.S.A. According to the director of the VMI Museum, this is the only known engraved revolver belonging to a VMI graduate that fought in the Civil War. 

 This information comes from the Virginia Regimental Histories Series  1st Edition


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