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 Please note that some of the listings are just brief mentions of Tranter and some are also not accurate in what they say.

This list is not complete, so if you know of any to add to the list send me an e-mail at



    Rare Antique in Mountain Collection        Blue Mountains Gazz Jan18 1989      
    Colonial Stocked Tranter        Caps & Flints Dec80   171   
ALLEN, GEOFFREY   The British Revolver Goes Double Action  Classic Arms & militaria Mar95    5  
A-R-WEST, G & L   The Albini Braendlin Fusil Modele 1853-1867  Classic Arms & Militaria May 2000  26   
A-R-WEST, G & L   The Albini Braendlin Fusil Modele 1853-1867  Classic Arms & Militaria Mar 2000  26  
A-R-WEST, G & L   The Albini Braendlin Fusil Modele 1853-1867  Classic Arms & Militaria Jul 2000  14   
AUSTERMAN, WAYNE   John Bull,s Revolvers in the American West Man at Arms Nov88 15  
BAILEY & NIE 0853682127 English Gunmakers        
BARTLETT, JACK   The Arival of the Cartridge Antique Arms & Militaria Sep 1979 12  
BLACKMORE, HOWARD 0948092009 English Pistols        
BOOTHROYD, G & S    Boothroyds Directory of British Gunmakers        
BOOTHROYD, GEOFFREY 051713289  The Handgun        
BOOTHROYD, GEOFFREY   Tranter Percussion Revolver  Classic Arms & Militaria Nov 2000          35  
BOOTHROYD, GEOFFREY 071365526 Shotguns and Gunsmiths        
BOOTHROYD, GEOFFREY   The Kynoch Revolver  Classic Arms & Militaria Mar 94 15   
BOOTHROYD, GEOFFREY   The Double Trigger Tranter Shooting Times & Country Magazine Apr 85 20  
BOOTHROYD, GEOFFREY   Tranter at the Double Shooting Times & Country Magazine Dec 99 36  
BROWN, NIGEL 1904057500 British Gunmakers Vol.2. Birmingham, Scotland & the regions      
CHAMBERLAIN & TAYLERSON   0214200802 Adams Revolvers        
CHAPLIN, JEREMY H.   Golden Guns Classic Arms & militaria Sept95  34    
COFFEY, ELMER G   The 577 Tranter Revolver   The Gun Digest 32nd edition  59  
DARWENT, J    Tranter's No.1 and No.2 Revolvers  Guns Review Feb66  58    
DARWENT, J   The Percussion Revolver of Lt-Col G J Ambrose  Guns Review circa?   289   
DAVIS G    Royal Presentation Tranter Revolver  Arms Cavalcade Jan75  1  
DOWELL, WILLIAM CHIPCHASE  0939683040 The Webley Story        
DUNHAM, KEITH   The Gun Trade of Birmingham      
EGLES, ROSS   The Emperor's Tranter Arms Collecting Vol.7 No.2 59  
EGLES, ROSS   The British Percussion Revolver Arms Collecting Vol.6 No.4   120   
EZELL, EDWARD C 0853685045 Handguns of the World        
FRITH & ANDREWS 0900470909  Antique Pistol Collecting 1400-1860        
GEORGE, JOHN NIGEL   English Pistols and Revolvers        
GOODING, S. JAMES   Loading Levers for English Percussion Rev    Arms Collecting Vol.16 No.4 126    
GUERIN, KERRY   Tranters in Australia Arms Cavalcade Dec85 8  
HALL, CHRISTOPHER 0600072916 Guns in Australia        
HARRIS, A F  0959442702  South Australian Braendlin Albini Rifle        
HARRIS, CLIVE   History Birmingham Gun-barrel Proof House        
HARTINK, A. E. 9036614880  The Complete Encyclopedia of Antique Firearms       
HOGG & BATCHELOR   Handguns 1300-1870        
HOGG, IAN V  0727007912  Illust encyclopedia of World Firearms        
KIRTON, JONATHAN 0960498230 British FallingBlock Breechloading Rifle        
KREB, VON M.   William Tranter, Birmingham Gunmaker Deutsches Waffen - Journal Jul 94 982  
LEA, DENNIS    A Tranter with a Difference  Australian Shooters Journal Aug94   76    
LEDERER, PAUL S   Bronze Cartridge Revolvers  Arms Collecting Vol.28 No.3  83    
LEDERER, PAUL S   The 500 Centrefire Tranter Revolver Arms Collecting Vol.35 No.4  111    
LEDERER, PAUL S   Makers Marks on British Firearms  Arms Collecting Vol.15 No.3  87    
LEDERER, PAUL S   The Martial Tranter Revolver   Arms Collecting Vol.23 No.2  50    
LEDERER, PAUL S    Tranter Salon Pistols   Arms Collecting Vol.23 No.3  94    
LEDERER, PAUL S   A Dual Ignition Tranter Revolver  Arms Collecting Vol.33 No.3 89    
LEDERER, PAUL S   William Tranter's Army Revolver, Model 1863  Arms Collecting Vol.26 No.3   92    
LEDERER, PAUL S   The Kerr-Webley-Tranter, a Revisit  Arms Collecting Vol.30 No.3    87    
LEDERER, PAUL S   William Tranter's Model No.2 Rimfire Revolver Arms Collecting Vol.37 No.3   90    
LEDERER, PAUL S   A Rook and Rabbit Rifle by William Tranter   Arms Collecting Vol.27 No.4  127    
LISTER, RONALD 257696264  Antique Firearms,their care repair & restorat        
MAYNARD, H. W.   Tranter & other Capping Breech Loading Rifles  Caps & Flints Sept68   14    
MAYNARD, H.W.     Tranter Cartridge revolver  Caps & flints Mar69  84    
MASTERS, DON 1571573046 Atkin, Grant & Lang      
MCKAY, DR M   The Tranter No.2 Seven Shot 32cal Rimfire Rev  Caps & Flints Dec 2001  71    
MCKAY, DR M    A Tranter .30RF Double Action Pocket Revolver Caps & Flints March94   57    
MILLER, MARTIN 0831700130 Collectors Illustrated Guide to Firearms        
MURRAY, HENRY A   Lands of the Slave and the Free      
MYATT, MAJOR FREDRICK   0701814330 The Illust Encyl of Pistols & Revolvers        
MYATT, MAJOR FREDRICK 0701815833 Illust Guide to Pistols & Revolvers        
MYATT, MAJOR FREDRICK 1855010275  Illust Encyclopedia of 19th Century Firearms        
NIE & BAILEY   William Tranter, Gunmaker to the Trade Gun Collectors Digest No.3  154  
NIE & BAILEY   The Military Arms of William Tranter London Arms fair Booklet  44    
NIE & BAILEY    William Tranter, Birmingham Firearms Manufact  South African Arms Journal  


NIE, D.A.   English Percussion Revolvers Arms Fair Booklet 1968 27  
OLIVER, GERALD J.   The Tranter Revolver, was it Better than the Colt? Guns Review Dec63 8  
OSBORNE, JOHN 090887300X Handguns and Police in New Zealand        
O'SULLIVAN JOHN    Tranter Close to the Beginning  Caps & Flints Dec78   179    
PENROSE, E H    Catalogue of Collection of Firearms        
PENZIG, EDGAR F. 0949924563  A Real Flash Cove      
PENZIG, EDGAR F. 0646137972   Ben Hall, The Difinitive Illustrated History      
PENZIG, EDGAR F.  0958765049 Bullets, Blades and bravery      
PENZIG, EDGAR F. 0646137891  Bushrangers, Bandits and Bastards      
PENZIG, EDGAR F.  0958765065  Rogues, Vagabonds and Bloody Thieves      
PENZIG, EDGAR F.   0958883602   The Sandy Creek Bushranger      
PENZIG, EDGAR F.   0646137999  Troopers, Villains, Vipers and Vixens      
POLLARD, CAPTAIN HUGH     Book of the Pistol and Revolver        
POWELL, GREG   John Gilbert's Tranter Revolving Rifle International Arms and Militaria Collector No.16 1999 22  
ROGERS, H C B    Weapons of the British Soldier        
ROSA & MAY  0706405552 Illustrated History of Guns & Small Arms        
ROSA, JOSEPH G.   The Adams    Antique Arms & Militaria  27    
ROSA, JOSEPH G.   The Adams Family    Antique Arms & Militaria July81   24    
SARCHE, MAX   Tranter, the Ultimate Revolver Guns, Weapons and Militaria Oct83 16  
SHANNON, ROBERT B    Colonial Australian Gunsmiths        
SKENNERTON, IAN 0959743804  Australian Service Longarms        
SKENNERTON, IAN D 0959743839 List of Changes,British War Materials 1        
SLEE, MAX  0731640780  Service Arms of the South Australian Police        
SOLOMON, R C    The Convicted Gunsmiths of N.S.W.        
SPANGENBERGER, PHIL    Heros von Brocke   Dixie G/W Black Powder Annual 1995   26    
SPEED, NEIL    The Kynoch Gun Factory   Caps & Flints Jun 2003   366    
STEWART, RON   The Bishop's Revolver New Zealand Antique Arms Gazette Mar2001 3  
SWINFIELD, J    Antiques   Sporting shooter Oct84  73    
TAYLERSON & FRITH &ANDREWS  25766694X  The Revolver 1818-1865        
TAYLERSON, A W F     The Revolver 1865-1888        
TAYLORSON, A.W.F.    Revolving Arms        
TAYLORSON, A.W.F.   The New Revolving Principle     Classic arms & Militaria Jun94  14    
THOMPSON, LOGAN  0861780590 Guns in Colour        
TOIVONEN, NILS F    Tranter Patent Rev with an Australiana Flavou Caps & Flints Mar71  147    
VARIOUS    New Zealand Cavalcade of Antique Arms        
WHITE & MUNHALL & BEARSE    Cenerfire Pistol and Revolver Cartridges        
WILKINSON, FREDRICK 0600385787 The Worlds Great Guns       
WILKINSON, FREDRICK  0905015088  Firearms        
WILLIAMS, DAVID 0752432370 The Birmingham Gun Trade      

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