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Grandfather of William the gunmaker born either 1763 or 1767 at Oldbury, Salop, parents Thomas and Mary. Married Nancy Turton May 14th 1787 at West Bromwich. They had three children, William born 1787, Mary born 1789 and Thomas born 1791. Nancy died in 1793 and he married Lucy Parkes March 30th 1795. They had four children, Ann born 1796 and died 1804, Phebe, Ann born 1804 and Mary born 1805. Lucy died in 1832 and Thomas died November 19th 1842 in Oldbury. His occupation was listed as a hammer maker.

Father of William the gunmaker, born at Oldbury, Salop and baptised March 22nd 1791.Married Mary Ann Lees March 6th 1815 at Halesowen. They had nine children, William (W.T.) born 1816, Ann born 1817, James born 1819, Sarah born 1822, Thomas born 1824, Mary born 1826, David born 1828, Abraham born 1831 and Elizabeth born 1833. He remarried on August 11th 1834 to Maria Jones at Tipton, Staffs. His occupation was listed as a smith and he died July 11th 1858 at Moore Street West Bromwich. He was listed as a hammer maker at Moore St. in Slater's 1851 directory.

Born 1816 at Oldbury, Salop and baptised March 10th. Circa 1850 his private address was 98 New john St West, Birmingham and from circa 1861 he lived at 3 Colmore Terrace, 318 Summer Lane Birmingham. Parents Thomas and Mary, married Amelia Elizabeth Grosvenor March 17th 1858 at Aston. They had three children Amelia Elizabeth born 1865, Mary Louisa born 1859 and William Grosvenor born 1861.William was one of Birmingham's most influential gunmakers from before 1849 until he retired in 1885. Amelia died in 1882 and he passed away at his home in Summer Lane Birmingham on January 7th 1890 aged 73.
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Born 1824 at Birmingham, her parents were Walter Grosvenor born in 1784 (aged 77 in 1861) and Elizabeth Grosvenor born in 1787 (aged 74 in 1861). She married William (W.T.) on March 17th 1858 at Aston. She passed away on August 24th 1882.

Son of William the gunmaker and Amelia Elizabeth, he was  born September 26th 1861 at Birmingham. Married Amina Shelvington at Aston on June 6th 1885, They had two children, Amina Grosvenor (Popsie) born 1886 who died September 19th 1895 aged 10 and William(2) born 1888. William Grosvenor died at Erdington Birmingham August 5th 1893 suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and toxaemia, aged 31 years. He was listed as a gun and pistol maker and also as a general labourer/brass maker but by 1891 he was listed as living by own means with his address being The Shrubberies in Aston. Amina died July 20th 1904.
Grandson of William the gunmaker, son of William Grosvenor and Amina Tranter, born June 13th 1888 at Gravelly Lane Erdington (Birmingham). It appears that he received his inheridance when he reached the age of twenty one as he put a large amount of the family property up for auction in 1909. He was still in London in 1912, came to Australia about 1914 and enlisted in Australian Army as an engineer. Married twice, first to Dulcie Brooke on August 16th 1911 at Thanet, Kent, his address was given as the yacht "Aldine" Inner Harbour Ramsgate. They had one child, Robert William born June 26th 1912 at Ramsgate, Kent, they were divorced on February 23rd 1914. The second marriage to Doris Muriel Dormor on October 15th 1919 at Drummoyne, a suburb of Sydney. They had two children, William Harold Grosvenor born June 20th 1920 and Jill Grosvenor born 1922. It appears that he was wealthy enough not to work, living almost entirely off his inheritance although he was listed as a munitions inspector. He loved blacksmithing and had a large forge in his back yard at Balgowlah, a northern suburb of Sydney. While he was living in England he was a member of the Royal Thames Yacht Club and owned or captained a number of yachts. "Aldine" was a 56 foot long ocean going sail vessel and the "Sea Belle" was a 108 foot yacht with a compound steam engine and a crew of eight, it was registered with Lloyds of London in 1911. William won a silver tray for the best decorated yacht at Ramsgate in 1911 and in 1988 his grandson William Keith Tranter built a scale model of the Sea Belle. In 1913 he replaced the Sea Belle with a three ton vessel named Bunty.
William died June 9th 1960 at Manly.
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Great grandson of William the gunmaker, son of William(2) and Doris born June 20th 1920 at Manly, Australia, married Beryl Ernst March 24th 1944 at Sydney. They have three children, William Keith born 1944, Penelope Robin born 1947 and Lynn Patricia born 1949. William is a retired motor mechanic.
Great granddaughter of William the gunmaker, son of William and Doris born 1922, First marriage to Richard Lewis Green with three children, Suzanne Grosvenor, Richard Grosvenor and Edward Grosvenor. The second marriage to Colin Keith Coulter with two children, Debra Grosvenor and Sally Grosvenor. The name Grosvenor has been passed down through the generations to the present day in memory of William the gunmaker and his wife Amelia Grosvenor

Daughter of William the gunmaker, born in 1859 and baptised August 18th at Birmingham. Married Thomas William Watson April 22nd 1882 at Boldmere, Warwickshire. They had two children, Constance Amelia born in 1883 and Doris Mary born in 1885.
Son-in-law of William the gunmaker, was born September 23rd, 1848 at 33 High Street, Kensington, his parents being Thomas Watson and Jane Cunnington. He had a sister Fanny born in 1850 and a brother Arthur Henry born in 1857. He married Mary Louisa Tranter in 1882. Watson was a gunmaker, taking over the business of Durs Egg at 4 Pall Mall London circa 1878. He died on November 2nd, 1933.
Brother of William the gunmaker, born in 1828 in West Bromwich and baptised December 28th at Oldbury, Salop. Married Lydia Musgrove December 21st 1864 at Aston. They had five children, David William born 1867, Thomas Musgrove born 1868, Walter born 1869, Henry born 1872 and Lydia born 1876. He was apprenticed to W.T. in 1846.After Lydia died on October 24th 1877 he lived with Sarah Beddard who was born in 1851 at Wall Heath Stafford. They had three children, Albert Tranter Beddard born 1880 who died 7 months later, Sarah Tranter Beddard born 1882 and Ernest Tranter Beddard born 1884. In the 1881 census she was listed as Sarah Tranter wife of David but there is no record of their marriage. In 1891 they were living at 55 Holte St Aston. 
Brother of William the gunmaker, born May 16th 1824 at Oldbury Salop and baptised August 1st. He immigrated to Australia in the 1850's and married Anne Devitt on February 7th 1857 at Ballarat. Anne died in 1858 aged 29 from the effects of "protracted and difficult labour lasting 11 days", the child also died. He married Margaret O'Brien October 11th 1861 at St Alipius Church (catholic) Ballarat with his occupation listed as carpenter living at Clunes, he later moved to Jerilderee and at one time he was a selector at Kulki. He had no children. He died April 3rd 1896 after being thrown from a horse he was riding when it was bitten by a horse-fly at Jerilderee and was buried at Jerilderee on April 5th, there was no gravestone. May have been involved in the Eureka Stockade on Sunday December 3rd 1854.
Sister of William the gunmaker, born 11th Dec 1817 at Oldbury Salop, married George Johnson February 14th 1842 at Kings Norton Register Office and had one child Albert born July 27th 1842 at Moor St West Bromwich. They immigrated to Australia on the "Great Britain" arriving in Victoria October 1853, George was shown on passenger list as a smith. They lived in Ballarat where Anne died November 28th 1906 aged 88. George died on September 10th 1902 at Ballarat.
After she arrived in Australia Ann placed an advertisement in the Argus requesting her brother Thomas, who was already in Australia, to contact her.
Sister of William the gunmaker, born in 1822 and baptised at Oldbury, Salop. Married William Butler July 26th 1841 in Birmingham. They had six children, Edwin Tranter born 1842, Charlotte born 1843, Drusilla Ada born 1848, Joseph born 1857, Laura born 1859 and Louisa born 1861. She died in 1897.

Sister of William the gunmaker, born in 1826 at West Bromwich. Married Charles Horton.

Brother of William the gunmaker, born in 1831 at West Bromwich.

Sister of William the gunmaker, born in 1833 at West Bromwich.

Brother of William the gunmaker, born in 1819 at Oldbury, Salop.

Son of George Johnson and Ann Johnson (nee Tranter), born July 27th 1842 at Moor Street West Bromwich, married Pricilla Austin June 1877 at Ballarat, 5 children born at Ballarat,
Albert Edwin born 1879, Mabel Ann born 1882, George born 1886, Eleanor born 1886, Olive born 1891.

Son of David  and Lydia Tranter, nephew of William the gunmaker, born March 2nd 1868 at Birmingham. Married Cecilia Jackson December 16th 1890 and they had two children, Doris Cecilia born 1891 and Lorna May born 1894. They were divorced in 1900. He married Annie Jacques in 1935 at Solihull, Warwickshire.  He was working as an action filer in Dean Buildings, Weaman St Birmingham in 1890, moved to 31.5 Whittall St in 1897 where his brother Walter was already trading as a gunmaker. Circa 1900 he was trading with Walter as Tranter Bros at 18 Sand St Birmingham. Thomas retired from the business in 1905 and died in 1937 aged 69 at Solihull.
Son of David and Lydia Tranter, nephew of William the gunmaker, born October 6th 1869 at Aston, Birmingham. He had three children, Walter John born 1897, Kathleen Constance born 1903 and George Ernest born 1906. He was apprenticed to Henry Stanley Jackson at Pryse & Co, 84 Aston St Birmingham circa 1883. Circa 1888 he worked for Lincoln Jefferies in Steelhouse lane. In 1896 he listed as a gun, rifle and pistol maker at 31.5 Whittall St and in 1897 he was joined by his brother Thomas Musgrove Tranter. Circa 1900 he was trading with Thomas as Tranter Bros at 18 Sand St. He was a tutor at the Birmingham Gun Trade Technical School between 1908 and 1916. The firm moved to Steelhouse Lane in the 1920s and finally closed in 1957. Walter died July 6th 1965 aged 95.
Nephew of William the gunmaker
Son of David and Lydia Tranter, nephew of William the gunmaker, born July 14th 1866 at Warwickshire. Married Hannah Dale December 16th 1891. They had two children, Constance Tranter Dale born 1890 and Arthur born 1897. He was listed as a watchmaker/jeweller and died October 6th 1935.

Son of David and Lydia Tranter, nephew of William the gunmaker, born February 28th 1872 at Aston, Birmingham. Married Florence Newton in 1900 at Aston, they had one child, Harry born 1901. He was listed as a die sinker and died October 19th 1968 aged in his 90s.
Son of Henry Tranter, great nephew of William the gunmaker born 1901 aged 84 in 1983,

Daughter of David and Lydia Tranter, niece of William the gunmaker, born October 4th 1875 at Aston, Birmingham. Married James Bingley in 1905. Died February 26th 1956. 

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